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Hilton Funeral Home operates with a long history of caring for residents of Montgomery and surrounding counties. Founded in 1890 by William T. Hilton & son Clagett, the Hilton Funeral Home is in its fifth generation of service. It is a privilege to carry this special heritage forward. Through the years, our aim has been to provide you and your family with quality service, service that is built upon your trust and our dedication to providing the very best possible service. And in spite of our long years of serving, we do not take for granted your decision in choosing us to handle your family's funeral arrangements. In today's world of corporate-owned funeral homes, we consider it a privilege and an advantage to you to be a small, family-owned business. While big business watches the bottom line, we will do what's right for you and your family. You can trust a 125-year old company to do what's in your long term interests and not settle for the fast and easy way. We look forward to offering our special brand of personal service -- second to none -- at a fair and reasonable price.

The funeral home's founder, William T. Hilton, began as a local builder in the Barnesville area. Through the years he constructed numerous houses and churches, including St. Mary's Catholic Church. With a gift for woodworking, Mr. Hilton saw a need to build caskets and serve area families in need of such services. Together with his son, Clagett, the company "W.T. Hilton and Sons" was formed. See more information here. (Sugarloaf Regional Trails)

In those days, care for the deceased was performed in a family's home. Our modern "funeral home" was still a thing of the future. Horse-drawn hearses carried the deceased to the cemetery. The horse-drawn hearse shown below was constructed by Clagett. It isnow fully restored and resting in the Robert Thomas Carriage Museum in Blackstone, VA.

Clagett Hilton's son, William "Billy" B. Hilton, was born in1903. By the late 1920's Billy began to take over the business. Billy married Constance Chiswell in 1928 and together they oversaw the business, handing it off to the fourth generation of Hilton's. During this time, Billy built today's Hilton Funeral Home seen below. Constructed in 1930, the funeral home made day-to-day operations easier by keeping everything under one roof. Whether it is visitations, funeral services, casket display or other business operations, the funeral home met and continues to meet the specific needs of families. While the funeral home no longer constructed its own caskets, Billy's woodworking skills were in demand. Many people in the area still have pieces of furniture that he handcrafted.

The fourth generation of the Hilton family to take over the business was William "Bill" C. Hilton. Bill was born in 1937 and married Shirley Diggory in 1961. The business continued to grow and its needs were met with expanding the current facilities. However, in spite of its growth, the business never lost site of its primary focus -- serving the needs of the families in our community.

William "Woody" D. Hilton and his wife, Lisa, now carry the fifth generation of this family business into the 21st century. With newly expanded facilities and plans for further growth, the Hilton Funeral Home is ready to meet new challenges.

Moving forward with more than 125 years of history behind you is an awesome responsibility. This responsibility is to the families we serve. We are humbled when called upon to assist a family with funeral arrangements. With only one chance to handle the service right, we strive for excellence each day. Our goal is to provide quality service, products and facilities along with an affordable price. In your time of need, I would hope you would consider giving us a call.


Woody Hilton


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